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Hi, we are

With us, you experience growth in a gamified way, helping you achieve your goals in life

We care a lot about fun. and learning.


Our Vision

Help teenagers thrive by acquiring new skills to get ready for the future.

Our Mission

To become the go-to upskilling platform for every teenager in the world.

How it all started

The Problem

The Spark


"I was at one of my younger cousins'  home and noticed something; his textbook was the same textbook I studied from when I was in 9th grade, 10 years ago."

We spoke to students and realized that Indian teenagers had very less ways to develop non-academic skills, which are equally, if not more important 

A team of innovative young persons who understand how difficult it is to gain new skills have set out to make the process of up-skilling easy and fun for teenagers!

The Solution

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