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Social media sites are no longer just sites to interact with you peers and upload about yourself. The software giants have morphed their sites to become more of an online advertising banner. Instagram, which is one of the most used apps, has changed a lot since its inception. It's now a worldwide feature that enables influencers to personalize their information, display their talents, and inspire their follower base.

Furthermore, Instagram users are not just active, but also engaged. Approximately 59 percent of the platform's active users log in at least seven times each week to browse content and connect with friends and sponsors.

Instagram is set up in a way which will help you promote new goods and raise brand recognition. 130 million Instagram users engage with retail posts each month. Instagram allows you to advertise your business and goods in a pleasant, honest way to your consumers without being pushy. Even with all of these Instagram stats, you might still be uncertain where to begin. The visual aspect of Instagram distinguishes it from other social networking sites. Instagram is the greatest place to exhibit content if you have a business that benefits from the design of your product or if you offer a service with a visible end result.

We live in a time and age when memes, gifs and music trends are prevalent. Understanding a trend and using it to boost the ad content you put out will ensure that the reachability of it will increase. These are all excellent content options for this social media site, but your marketing plan will ultimately determine what sort of material you share and how frequently. Establishing a plan before jumping into a new social media platform, regardless of how well it works for others' businesses, will keep you focused on your objectives.

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