How to stay motivated - The Elon Musk Factor

In one of my favourite Ted talks by Dan Pink, he says, “There is a difference between what science knows, and what business does.”

A lot of you, and a lot of businesses might think that monetary incentives increase productivity, but according to multiple researches, that is not true. In fact, a high amount of incentives actually reduces productivity.

Motivational factors cannot be extrinsic, they need to come from within.

Think of Elon Musk, at a certain point in time his net worth of $197 Billion made him the richest man on the planet, but if you think money motivated him, you would be wrong.

There are three main intrinsic factors of motivation:

  1. Autonomy: Where you strive to work for yourself and something you believe in. Mr. Musk could’ve very easily gotten himself a job at NASA, since he loved the organisation as a child. However, he needed his ideas to be executed at a fast pace and now, SpaceX is a reality.

  2. Mastery: The intersection of doing what you love and doing what you're good at, is going to push you to your highest potential. Elon Musk’s mastery of technology from his early PayPal days has been seen across all of his startups and especially helped him capture the EV automotive market in America, as existing brands like Ford struggled to gain market share.

  3. Purpose: The third and most important motivational factor, and one of life’s greatest virtues is having a purpose. Elon has always been purposeful. He wants to solve humanity’s problems no matter what size they come in. Be it easier payments or a plan to colonize Mars, he has thought of it all.

Think for yourself, think of what you're good at and think of your purpose. These factors will motivate you to be a better version of yourself, and maybe become the next Elon Musk of your time.

You can watch Dan Pink’s Ted Talk here(trust us, it's not boring):

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