Experiential Learning: Education of the future

In recent times, especially during the pandemic we have heard the term “experiential learning” a lot. Some of us have a vague idea but most of us make assumptions, so let us break it down here.

A quick google search will tell you that it is an engaged learning process whereby students “learn by doing” and by reflecting on the experience.... Opportunities for students to

engage intellectually, creatively, emotionally, socially, or physically. To some this makes it simpler, to others, a lot more complicated than their initial assumptions.

So let me give you an example from my real life experience. I worked at an ad agency where we used Experiential Learning to better our campaigns.

We would come up with an initial concept of a particular ad, that was to be circulated on

social platforms with very little idea of what the audience wants, call it an experiment.

However, this initial concept had smaller silos where different posts had different languages of communication, color of creatives and style of design. If one post was formal, the other was not.

Over the first few weeks we would roll out the many facets of this concept in the form of

posts on social channels. Some would work well on Facebook, some on LinkedIn and some, very aesthetic ones on Instagram.

The metrics would provide us with much needed experience, which was divided based on the brand, the language of communication(text and visual) and the channel it was doing well in.

We would also, often reflect on what changes made a campaign successful and what failed.

This was very important to hit the growth numbers that the client needed.

Those are the four steps to Experiential Learning and it is a never ending cycle. Today’s

entrepreneurial space is extremely competitive and requires you to adapt on a day-to-day basis. Experiential Learning, the very concept of it sets you on the right path.

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