Need for Strong Logos!

The first impression is the best impression. For entrepreneurs on their startup ventures, branding is an opportunity to create that impression.

It is important to create a positive image, which would prompt them to try out your product. The quality and promise in turn help create brand recall at a later stage. For example, the logo of Apple speaks for itself.

Giving attention to your brand means that the logo will define your brand.

The importance of a logo can’t be understated. It needs to be accorded importance as much as the planning and execution of growth of the business. Imagine the fast-food chain logos. Most of the prominent ones like Pizza Hut, McDonalds, KFC have red logos as it evokes an urge. An urge to consume food or take course of action immediately.

Major things to remember while making an effective logo would be:

1. It shouldn’t be generic:

It should be clear and easy to distinguish, to distinguish yourself from the big players already there in the market. Since there is a tight budget at the start of the entrepreneurship venture, it is important to keep logos which can be easily deciphered and generate a positive impression. The more you keep the customer guessing, lesser the chances of converting the sale.

2. Pick the write typography to complement the logo graphics:

Typography complements the graphics and communicates a lot about your brand – is it whimsical or elegant, customary or futuristic.

3. Choose the right colors:

Air conditioning brands predominantly use red and blue in their brand logos. E.g. Onida, LG, BlueStar

But choose a color scheme that can distinguish you from the existing brands. The dilemma of not looking too odd but at the same time distinguishing from the crowd needs to be resolved.

4. Consider how to use the logo with the branding partner:

Tag along with an iconic and moving image. It is extremely important to catch the eyeball of the customers quickly. It is about sending the right message at the right time. But this again depends on the mode you plan to advertise, market, and reach your customers. What’s a logo if it doesn’t speak in the language of the customers? Create synergy between the brand product, the logo, the marketing strategy, and the customer.

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