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Online Learning as the Future

In the present times what do students do when they don’t understand a particular concept or topic, do they wait till the next day to ask the teacher? No, they leverage the huge amounts of knowledge available right at their fingertips. Yes, I am talking about the bar that answers it all, Google. Google has been an able provider of materials to make student lives easier. As more people use the internet and it becomes more interconnected people are coming up with new ways to share their knowledge through use of educational technologies. A new form of delivering knowledge is through online education. Various EdTech companies have cropped up which have their own sites or use YouTube and also Facebook live to conduct online study classes. Free courses online with certificates help students augment their CVs.

Gone are the days when efficient studies could only be done in class. With social media sites shortening the attention span of students it is important to use visual cues to better supplement the topics being covered. We see people leveraging various virtual learning techniques to come up with clever visual cues to keep their audience engaged. Also, with features such as channel memberships they can also restrict the video to only their students. Another reason why content on these sites are blooming is because of the like and share feature. If a particular student likes the way the topics were taught, they will be likely to tell their friends to study from the same source as well.

YouTube as a teaching tool has the ability to assist users in achieving a variety of educational goals, such as perceptual, social, behavioral, and neurocognitive results. The subject matter of YouTube videos may aid viewers in improving their cognitive capacity by providing new information, such as learning a foreign language or acquiring new abilities. Furthermore, using YouTube requires users to have social skills, such as replying to other viewers' remarks and offering appropriate suggestions to the content producer. The usage of YouTube also educates users in the neurological component by requiring them to manage numerous tasks such as downloading videos, sharing videos, and skipping advertisements. According to a research, pupils' academic performance has improved as a result of their usage of the internet. One of the biggest obstacles for students to properly utilize the internet is excess info available, which may force them to devote time to determining what information is valuable and acceptable for them. In conclusion, using YouTube as an online education platform has the potential to help people learn for the rest of their lives.

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