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The Best Way To Get Things Done Is To Simply Begin

Start young. Fail fast. Start again.

A large portion of our population doesn’t realize that starting young, even if there are miniscule chances of success, is better than procrastination or not starting at all. Our society and the education system have assigned us a guide on how we should lead our lives and have provided us with a perceived right age for everything that we do. This is so deeply ingrained into our systems that we abide by it without consciously being aware. Studying till 21, Marriage at 25 and kids at 27, is that how life is supposed to be?

There is no right age for a particular thing to be done. Does growing up mean one has to forget the zeal they had as kids? That inquisitiveness and excitement to start something new, without worrying about the failures that come in the process. Then why are we scared now to start at a younger age? Doesn’t starting early and failing give us a chance to learn from mistakes?

A valuable lesson that can be learnt from the sciences, is the method of experimentation. In order to know if something is successful, one has to start by trying it, working on the failures and trying again till success is achieved! After all everything that we see today was once imagined by someone in the past, who himself/herself was not sure how it could be done, and now here we are! Countless individuals would be a no one if they waited for the right time! If you don’t want to be a no one, then start believing that the right time won’t come. It is for you to make the time right!

Start Now!

Here are 3 ways on how one can get their businesses going!

1. “Competition is a good thing: it forces us to do our best!” – In order to grow, one must know what their competitors are doing. Knowing what is out there may give you a competitive advantage. Thus, a thorough competitive analysis allows one to learn from the competitors both achievements and mistakes!

2. Perform a “back-of-the-envelope” calculation – This method is used to estimate the costs that you may incur beforehand, but make sure to back it up with reasonable data and not just mere guesses.

3. Create an Ad for your company’s product – Do this even if it’s not your forte because planning the marketing in the initial stages, makes the work easier. This can also give one the opportunity to experiment and ask individuals whether they would buy their product based on the advertisements or no. This will further enable one to know the demand for their product.

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