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Why Young Indian Entrepreneurs Are Investing in Cryptocurrency?

The past few months have been terrible in terms of cryptocurrency value, however, if you ask millennials and gen Z entrepreneurs, they will say that they still have faith and want to invest in it.

Let's go into the history books for a bit.

Cryptocurrency's origins may be traced back to 1982, when David Chaum launched the DigiCash corporation and coined the term "ecash." The present era of decentralised cryptocurrency, on the other hand, began in 2009 with the introduction of Bitcoin, which remains the gold standard against which all other digital currencies are judged. Today, more young individuals than any other age group are investing in cryptocurrencies.

The Millennial generation is not only financially invested in cryptocurrency, but it is also mentally invested in moving beyond the world's current financial structures. In other words, rather than maintaining the status quo, the younger generation is more ready to embrace the risks of dealing with a relatively youthful market.

The globe has never gone more than a few years without any type of financial catastrophe since the early 1980s, when the first Millennials were born. Millennials have witnessed the 1987 stock market disaster, dubbed "Black Monday," as well as the 1997 financial crisis and financial contagion that afflicted eastern Asia.

More recently, the younger generation bore the burden of the housing bubble burst, which resulted in the subprime mortgage crisis of 2007. Finally, Millennials have grown up in the midst of the periodic economic downturns that have accompanied all of these crises, making them acutely conscious of a country's debt. To put it another way, Millennials have never known a world that was not either in the midst of, or recovering from, a crisis.

Also, Millennials and Gen Z are familiar with technology, hence, cryptocurrency is here to stay.

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